PDC Cutter Rework

Give your worn out PDC cutters new life with IDS PDC Rework Services.

Due to the highly abrasive nature of oil and gas drilling, PDC cutters eventually form wear lands on the cutting edge. However, this doesn’t mean they are ready to be scrapped out.

IDS can rework these used parts by reducing the diameter and refinishing them to your exact specification. For example, a used 19mm cutter can be reworked into a 16mm or 13mm PDC cutter, like new and ready for continued use. We can also take thermally stable PDC cutters and provide the same refurbishment work to return them to you looking like new.

Ready to see how PDC Rework can help you get the most out of your used cutters? Contact IDS to learn more.

PDC Cutter Rework product image