Natural Drill Stones

Typically used in surface set bits, IDS natural diamond stones are closely inspected for accurate sizing and classification so you can be sure you’ll get the size and quality of stone that you need.

Natural diamond stones are classified by shape and diamond structure. Some have been thermally, mechanically, or chemically conditioned to give them a more uniform shape and the toughness required by demanding drilling conditions.

Carbonado- A naturally occurring polycrystalline diamond, irregular in shape, with excellent impact resistance and good abrasion resistance.

Congo Cube- A cube-shaped congo diamond with fair abrasion resistance and fair impact resistance.

Congo Round- A round processed diamond with a smooth textured surface, medium abrasion resistance, and good impact resistance.

Kicker (cast)- Irregular shaped stones that have less integrity than whole stones, but are widely used as gauge parts for wear protection; they have fair abrasion resistance.

Reclaim- Reclaim diamond with good impact resistance and medium abrasion resistance.

West African- This diamond is identified by its clarity and defined geometry. It has good impact resistance and excellent abrasion resistance.

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