Drill Bit Recovery

Get more value out of your used drill bits with IDS drill bit recovery.

IDS has been involved in the recovery of used PDC matrix bits for over 15 years. Working through our sister company, Diamond Recovery Systems, we have developed a unique process for recovering all of a bit’s constituent materials at our zero-effluent facility.

Our recovery process begins with debrazing the bit’s PDC cutters and removing the nozzles for clean-up and requalification. We then decompose the bit body and separate all of the constituent materials including tungsten powder, tungsten carbide powder, TSP’s, drill stones, and any other materials in the bit. After we separate them, we clean and requalify the recovered materials for further use in drill bits or other applications.

Our unique process offers you the greatest possible return value on your used bits, and we will work with you to develop a program for returning that value to you.

Ready to see how IDS drill bit recovery can make your used drill bits work for you? Contact IDS to get started.

Drill Bit Recovery image